"The Winged River Writer" Retreats in New Mexico

Gavilan Ranch - Lindrith, New Mexico

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                Full Expression Writing Retreat

                July 28 - July 30, 2017 in Northern New Mexico

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                Full Expression Writing Retreat

                - Yoga
                - Reiki
                - Intuitive Writing- Connecting to Nature
                - Connecting to Self and Reader
                - All Organic - Chef Prepared Meals
                - Reading and Sharing of Work (as desired)
                - Rest/Relaxation and connecting to your inner author!

                - Massage by holistic healer (extra fee)  


                Every wonder what it would feel like to fully express yourself? What kind of magic lies beneath the boundaries of what the world has told you, you should be? Beneath all the layers that have accumulated since birth lies a Truth that holds power for you and your writing! 

                Nature Walks, Swimming, Star Gazing at night, Sun Gazing during the day! What is star gazing or sun gazing? who has time for that....?

                Who doesn't have time for that, I ask you. As an author and writing coach I'm living life on my terms, taking the time to truly experience my life, and put it into words that bring soul deep meaning to others. I invite you to join me in the land of my childhood. In honor of my upcoming book release for, The Soulful Child. Twelve Years In The Wilderness, I'm going back to the land where my bare feet danced in the dirt and I'm bringing you with me. 

                All this...in a beautiful, life-filled group setting, surrounded by nature with like-minded people seeking to write and live a full life!

                (Ask about how you can be a pre-reader for my book launch and get a huge discount for this three day retreat.) 

                See book synopsis and release information here: 


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