Booking Options

If you have ever been curious about my work I’d love to connect with you via 1. Discover Your Story Medicine Call, 2. Connect the Healing Dots In Your story.

1 on 1 Coaching Sessions with
Chloe Rachel Gallaway

Option A:

Connecting the DOTS of Healing Within Your Story

Knowing you have a story to tell and knowing where and how to start can be two completely different things. Connecting personal healing with your own story medicine comes through two avenues: the exercise of writing your story and your own emotional healing while writing it. Chloe is an expert at helping you begin.

Spend 60 private minutes with the master of story medicine, Chloe Rachel Gallaway, to quickly unlock the gems hiding within your experiences, powerfully connect them in story form and experience immediate thought breakthroughs that allow that story to unfold easily.

60 Minutes - $110

Option B:

Exclusive Story Medicine Consultation with Chloe

As your story begins to pour out of the recesses of both your head and heart, you can become overwhelmed or paralyzed by emotional response. Receive invaluable breakthrough coaching to help you push through and discover the truest impact of your written story. Focus on the style of your story telling and allow Chloe to help you gain the intuitive clarity that creates irresistible memoir.

Chole will help you connect to your personal story medicine, so it reaches the hearts of your readers to become a life changing body of work for both you and your reader.

90 Minutes - $165