People always tell me I am a great communicator…in person. My voice has told many interesting stories about my life and the Divine.

However, I was not so smooth and exciting when I wrote. I knew I had stories that would help other women to find their strength and their happiness, but I didn’t understand how to get my heart & soul to make sense on paper.

Then I met Chloe.

She is an amazing teacher, who put structure to my story and at the same time, encouraged it to flow from my heart.

My story came alive because Chloe knew how to breathe life into it, thru her own story of triumph. When I read Chloe’s book, The Soulful Child, I knew she was aligned with my principles of love & integrity. I could figuratively “relax into her arms” and have her gently guide me along my path as a writer.  

A group of 6 women gathered in a beautiful retreat house, in Sedona AZ, to write our stories. We needed to be well cared for and nourished. Chloe was not alone in supporting us, in fact we had 6 staff members… wow! Jess & Ben filmed, while the others nourished us with yoga, massage and Nye’s delicious, home cooked meals.  

Those 5 days taught me a great deal about written communication and ignited the fire in me to tell my stories to the world.  


Thank you Thank you Thank you

I love you I love you I love you.

- Jacqui Simpson, The Healing Trinity