My thirty years of writing in journals, creating poems and healing from childhood traumas was my decision to take the road less traveled to save my life. Scott Peck’s book was my first awareness that I may be able to understand my reality.

Unknowingly, I have been writing my story of finding my voice for thirty years. I was unaware my journey would lead me to read “The Soulful Child, connect with Chloe Gallaway and make a very huge decision to attend her first “Women Who Are Finding Their Voice” writers retreat. Chloe’s life experiences and her ongoing determination to be a genuine vessel for other women’s emergence from darkness into the light makes her unique and special to me. Her writing tools for writing my memoir vary from what we learned we will author for Voices at the writers retreat. Nurturing micro-nutrient meals, early morning yoga (for those who wanted to participate), serene New Mexico ranchland that hosted the largest labyrinth I have ever walked, three daily writing classes holding time to write filled our entire day. Five amazing women from early 40’s to myself at 76, wrote, read, laughed and cried to support one another. We were often led by Spirit to grow and enhance our Warrior Woman Voices. You will read our stories, as well as those of Chloe’s Sedona Writer’s Retreat event being held in January 2019. This book, (which will be published May 2019), will contain our individual story written in a 20-30 page condensed theme and outcome. You don’t have to be an acknowledged writer. If you have a desire to share your story, join our voices!.

- Joan Teagle Brumage, LCSW, LISW, CACII - La Luz, New Mexico