Discover Your Wild Edge Of Power

Through Finding Your Writer's VOICE: A Day Retreat For Aspiring Writers & Storytellers

With Author of, The Soulful Child: Twelve Years In The Wilderness &

Story Medicine Coach, Chloe Rachel Gallaway (Plus two bonus consultants, see below.)

Do you have a dream of writing your story?

  • You are struggling to connect to your writers voice and start your book.

  • You are already working on your book, but are feeling distraction, avoidance, and disruptions, you are not able to create sacred space and write.

  • You are experiencing pain and grief, both inwardly and from the outside world, and you are unsure how to process these emotions and integrate them into authentic power for storytelling.

  • You are looking for sacred space to help you crack open the next level of self-expression and write core parts of your story.

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Empower Your Life. Empower Your Business. Through Your One-of-a-Kind Story.


  • Cracking Open the HEART (Releasing of limiting beliefs for the writer within, a ceremony of grounding and releasing into trust with Angie King-Nosseir - Transformative Life & Spiritual Coach | Shamanic Practitioner | Metaphysician)

  • Embracing Ritual as the gateway to your writer's VOICE

  • Connecting the HEALING dots in your story, learning to integrate the past through narrative.

  • Learning 5 Elements of CRAFT as an alchemy for becoming a great storyteller.

  • Combining of both intuition and CRAFT through writing exercises directly pulled from your story.

A book writing coach plus story medicine weaver for 9 + years, Gallaway embodies and acts as a catalyst for her clients to experience the power of writing from intuition and emotion to write a compelling Memoir as the soul signature of their message to the world. 

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Discover the priceless journey of writing your book in 2022.

Leave this retreat with a visceral experience of being the storyteller, with clarity, inspiration, and direction for the book you have been dreaming to write.

Get to know your retreat facilitator and consultants that will help you discover the WILD EDGE of your POWER through accessing your writer's VOICE.

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Chloe Rachel Gallaway

Best-selling author of, The Soulful Child: Twelve Years in the Wilderness. Chloe has been leading transformational book writing retreats for 9 plus years. Her unique approach to storytelling and writing is an invitation into a sacred journey; one that will nourish your mind, body and spirit, while you connect and write your story. The writing of her story is a true example of how to write a book readers won't want to put down. She has been reaching her wild edge of power through her writing, and vulnerable leadership, a true gift to those who work with her.

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Steve Thurson

Steve brings a deeper experience of wellness and holistic health through his regenerative yoga, healing teas, and spiritual connection to open hearts and nourish people as they learn the invaluable process of owning their story. A food as medicine connoisseur, Steve provides an intimate experience of food, as the soul nourishment for the body and mind for aspiring writers.

Chloe and Steve are Soulmates in both life and business with a vision for bringing healing to the planet one awakened voice at a time.

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Angie King-Nosseir

Angie is a Transformative Spiritual Coach & Shamanic Practitioner with a background in Clinical & Integrative Nutrition. She is a serious student of the shamanic path, an Illuminated Shadow Work Guide, and a master of holding sacred & ceremonial space for journeying into the depths of the soul where all of the wisdom and medicine we need is accessed. Angie walks The Way of The Heart. Her sacred work as a facilitator of healing, growth, and transformation is rooted in unconditional love, radical acceptance, and self-forgiveness. 

April 24, 2022

10:00 am to 4:00pm at Resonant Essentials

3107 Eubank Blvd NE #33 - Albuquerque

Includes a food-as-medicine lunch provided by retreat chef and holistic healing connoisseur, Steve Thurson.

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