Inner Circle Wisdom Writers

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Virtual Writer's Group facilitated, by author, Chloe Rachel Gallaway

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Join us Tuesdays for ICWW!

Join author of, The Soulful Child: Twelve Years In The Wilderness, Chloe Rachel Gallaway, for this bi-weekly writers group where Chloe will guide you in the writing process, as a tool for empowerment and connection to your story and your voice. 

This intimate writer's group is limited to 10 participants.

Our first circle will be Tuesday, March 31 and we will be offering 2 slot options:

Slot A: 11am to 12:30pm MT

Slot B: 1:30pm to 3pm MT

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Become an Inner Circle Wisdom Writer

And learn to write in your most authentic voice!


Turn anxiety, fear and pain, into wisdom, compassion, and courage. 

Donation based. Recommended donation of $10 $20 or $25 per session on zoom. 

The reason for donation based has to do with reciprocity. During this time and always,  it's important for us to shape our most positive mindset, step into power and manifest outcomes that we all need.

  • The definition of reciprocity: the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit. If we can extend our heart and mind to keep a flow, based in what one can possibly extend, we will all sow the seeds of abundance. If one truly does not have means to give financially at this time they can still participate.  I trust that we will each find the balance in what to give, while feeling our way through this process.  

Writing has been a great tool in my life, it's led me to fulfilling many dreams, ie becoming a published author, building a platform and a deeper discovery of my own truth. (I wish to continue this and bring this to each of you.) 

I will support you with elements of craft for writing and integrating your current story/our current story...globally 

As well as tips for integration of your life story/Memoir 

Should you be looking to write your Memoir at some point this will serve as a connection point. 

Calls will be done via zoom and are limited to 10.

Right now most all of my work is being done through my transformational book writing retreats and my VIP one-on-one program. (Which are in a good place and I'm entirely grateful for my connection to my amazing clients.)

This is the time to speak our truth! 

I will continue these programs with my clients and this will not be as inclusive with coaching and editing as those programs, however, it will be incredibly powerful and built around community, exchange of sharing writing and connection. I'd love for some of my amazing writers to join, but this is also an invitation for any of you that feel called to it.

Bring your wisdom to the page and lets develop an inner circle that can impact this world! 

Please make a commitment to attend any sessions you sign up for, as there may be a waiting list for those who want to join. Once your email is entered, I will then send a zoom link for the calls selected. 

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