Discover Your Story Medicine Pathway & Elevate Your Life Path


Story Medicine, what is it? It’s the CORE of your message and HEART of your story.

• You are an Empath, a Soul Connected Entrepreneur with a desire to make a difference in the world.

• You are looking for sacred and safe ways to experience your next level of evolving.

• You would like to have an experience that elevates you and creates a pathway to deliver your message..

• You would like to experience how invaluable your message is for you and others.

Do you feel a burning flame or slow whisper within your heart compelling you to share your story? 

Writing your story will set the foundation for the most powerful YOU and help release a deep and impactful message for the world. Let me help you discover and share your message by writing an emotionally compelling Memoir Creative Non-Fiction Book. The experience of writing my story bought me back to my unique self and elevated my writing process.

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The closer you get to your unique self the more abundant you become.

Chloe Rachel Gallaway, Story Medicine Writing Co ach of 9+Years , Transformational Retreat Facilitator, and the bestselling author of The Soulful Child: Twelve Years In The Wilderness us es her intuitive gifts combined with the CRAFT of writing in assisting aspiring writers to shift from fear and doubt, to feeling inspired, and empowered . Break through the pain body of your story and experience your empathic gift s with storytelling.

Let’s connect through a free 30-minute connection call to discover where we are in alignment. Please email your responses to for the following questions and let’s begin the discovery process:

• What thoughts, feelings, and emotions come up when you think about telling your story?

• What fears and doubts might be holding you back from getting started or finishing a book?

• Do you want to discover the HEART of your story and invest in a sacred journey that will unearth the full potential of your life story and voice?

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Chloe Rachel Gallaway
Chloe Rachel Gallaway
Founder of The Winged River Writer
Author of The Soulful Child: Twelve Years in the Wilderness


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