Do you have a story to tell?

A story about your own personal heroine's journey that shaped the woman you are today? 
A story with a message that you know would inspire others on their own journey?
A story of how you discovered more of your purpose through facing obstacles and stepping into your true self?

And the only thing holding you back is...You have no idea how to write it?

Benefit from the experience of powerful women who know what it takes to get published...

Your story will be published with the stories of other courageous women in Book 1 of the Voices series coming in 2019!

Enter your name and email below for details and to set up your  interview with Chloe Rachel Gallaway!

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Voices Writers Retreat

August 22 to 26 - Leaping Deer Ranch

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The Trio Leading the VOICES Movement

Chloe Rachel Gallaway

Author and Intuitive Writing Coach Chloe Rachel Gallaway is the founder of The Winged River

Writer and author of  The Soulful Child, Twelve Years In The Wilderness (published September 23,

2017), a memoir of her life growing up through age twelve in the wilderness of Northern New Mexico.

Chloe’s unusual life of growing up deeply connected to nature and spirit has led her to a unique process of

intuitively connecting to writing. The writing of her memoir became the foundation for her business and

empowered her to become a warrior for helping others to find the truth in their story. She knows firsthand

about moving through pain and finding joy on the other side, by embracing one’s authentic self and

finding the power in their voice!

As a mentor and facilitator of the writing process, Chloe is unlike anyone in the industry. She combines her

experience of growing up in the wilderness with her training in mindfulness tools and literary writing

techniques to deliver a powerful process of self-transformation and empowerment through writing. She

helps her people move from fear to courage, and from doubt to confidence, in mastering the dance between

craft and intuition.

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Jess Tomlinson

Jess Tomlinson has been leading women's movements in the realms of self-development,

entrepreneurship and spirituality for nearly a decade. Her greatest passion is unleashing a woman's

authentic self-expression, then channeling that expression through the body and voice to become more

visible in life and business. With over 10 years leading branding and marketing for the largest luxury

magazine publisher and world's most profitable airline, Jess now focuses her genius in supporting women

to become Video Vixens! She believes every woman can become a Radiantpreneur, and has helped

thousands of people by working with private clients, leading workshops, speaking on international stages,

facilitating retreats in Bali and co-producing/hosting 3 Las Vegas TEDx Women events. Her own visibility

has led to Jess being featured for her expert advice on multiple media interviews, including NPR alongside

Byron Katie as well as on the live NBC TV Show, Vegas, Inc. She was also named one of the Top 5

Empowered Entrepreneurs in Luxury Las Vegas Magazine. At the end of the day, Jess enjoys the simple

pleasures of life, giving back through her chosen charity, The Waterbearers; traveling and exploring the

outdoors with her sweetie and biz partner, Ben; and melting into a delicious meal and glass of wine. Other

interesting facts about me: I've recorded and posted over 300 videos. I've reached more than 60,000 video

views. I was broadcasted on FB Live to tens of thousands from a New Zealand Stadium stage. I've lived with

a pre-Maori tribe (The Waitaha) where the "chief" is an advisor to the Dalai Lama.

Penelope Love

Penelope Love is the publisher of Citrine Publishing nestled up in the mountains of North Carolina. As a

professional editor since 1997, she first edited for Barnes & Noble and Health Communications, Inc. (HCI)

of  Chicken Soup for the Soul  before evolving to an independent editor and publisher for dozens of books

published both traditionally and independently. Throughout her career she has fashioned dozens of books

on the creative and business sides, dimensions that coalesce in Citrine Publishing. Academically, Penelope

was recognized as an Outstanding Master’s Graduate by the University of Florida, where her published

research pioneered innovative strategies that unleash the printed word within our contemporary digital

landscape. Her refined combination of industry sophistication and creative vision supports compelling

new authors on the road from inspiration to publication. Penelope is known by authors as a genuine

professional who cares and is attentive to the little things, the details of the publishing process that bring a

book to life. A true enthusiast of the written word, she works with cutting-edge authors desiring an

authentic partnership and a steady, grounded hand to hold in this ever-evolving industry. With her own

memoir forthcoming in 2018, she recognizes the transformational power of “personal” storytelling and

she delivers enchanting creativity and compassion to every writer’s unique process of awakening on their

path to publication.

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