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International Resilience Project Selects Author Chloe Rachel Gallaway as One of 50 “Thrivers”

Gallaway’s Story to Contribute to Renowned Coach’s and Psychologist’s “Resilience Blueprint” for Thriving After Trauma

International Resilience Project 50 Thrivers Press Release by Citrine Publishing

SAN DIEGO, February 7, 2018—The Scotland-based Global Resilience Project, created by personal development coach Emma J. Bell with psychologist Paul Hannam, selected author Chloe Rachel Gallaway as one of the project’s 50 “Thrivers” across the world, in response to both the traumatic and the transcendent experiences shared in Gallaway’s memoir, The Soulful Child: Twelve Years in the Wilderness (Citrine Publishing, 2017). Gallaway’s interview for the project is on February 24, 2018, in San Diego. 

The invitation is a response to the entrée of Gallaway’s story of growing up off the grid in the wilderness of New Mexico, USA, into international markets, where the book is being reviewed and shared on social media, making an impact and touching the hearts of readers worldwide.

“For years, I’ve wondered ‘what is it that enables some people to thrive in the face of adversity, while others fall apart?’,” Bell said. “I travel around the world to meet exceptional people who have faced struggles of many different kinds and yet are thriving, not just surviving.”

According to the Global Resilience Project website, the vision is “to create a global community of ‘Thrivers’ who come together to share their inspiring stories of thriving through adversity.” Bell and Hannam aim “to identify the most powerful strategies used by these ‘thrivers’ and to develop a ‘resilience blueprint’.” That blueprint will enable others to overcome challenge, adversity, anxiety and stress in all areas of their lives” and will be shared “through books, videos, talks, online courses, podcasts, conferences and social media so that we build a movement committed to making the world more resilient.”

In response to being selected, Gallaway wrote on social media: “ The Soulful Child is testimony to the resiliency of young children who have overcome trauma through a deep connection to nature and love for family, enabling them to thrive in adulthood.” Today she is a speaker and writing coach based in Albuquerque, N.M.

To learn about Gallaway’s memoir, named a 2017 favorite book by David Steinberg of The Albuquerque Journal, visit and for interviews contact +1 (561) 299-1150 or

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