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    Birth the Writer Within & Write Your, “One of a Kind,” Story

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    Writing Program with Chloe Rachel Gallaway

    Write your book from anywhere in the world!

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    “Bring your story to wholeness by overcoming blocks, freeing your writers voice, & understanding intuitive writing combined with all the CRAFT elements of writing a great book.

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    June 2020 - February 2021


    Next Program Begins, April 2021 -Goes to December 2021

    is opened for enrollment now For 5 women. 

    2 spots filled 

     What's Included?

     When you join our 9-Month Birth Your Story Program, you will get...

    2 bi-weekly Coaching Calls per Month, all-inclusive coaching of Chloe's book writing process.

    Includes process from, writing to mindset, from structure to editing, from fragmented story to integrated story.

    2 bi-weekly Developmental/Craft Editing Sessions

    Birth Your Story & Write That Book

    9 Month Group Online (zoom format) Writing Coaching Program

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    Write that book that you have been keeping on the back burner!


     9- Months to Bring your Story to a Manuscript (Through developmental Editing, Intuitive process combined with craft)  With two bi-weekly 2 hour coaching session on zoom, plus bi-weekly editing of your story to bring each page of your story to wholeness. Connect to the group process of learning, in which, each writer has continual breakthrough with learning from one another. 

    - Learn how important mindset is when it comes to writing a great book

    -  Understanding emotional blocks

    -  Intuitively connect with your voice

    -  Learn to write from the "zone state" the intuitive place where you find, rhythm, flow, and craft combined. 

    -  Learn the difference between exposition and scene, POV and theme, character development and narrative in story. 

    -  Learn what it means to be the author of your story, honoring who you are with the choice of how you tell your story, the way you structure the story and the message you bring through the story. 

    -  Break through your fears around writing & releasing your story

    -  Learn all 9 elements of CRAFT to write a story readers won't want to put down.  

    - Learn all about getting published and how to make an impact with your story.  

    -Heal old wounds and turn them into a greater lesson toward a greater version of yourself.  

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    Join the writing community with women from all around the world, giving voice to the story, while creating strength, wisdom, and compassion for our daily lives! 

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