I think many of us have thought at some point, “What if I just took off and lived in the woods?” Well, this story is the answer to that ‘what if.’ Get saddled up and ready for the best fire-side book of the season. An autobiography about growing up in the wilderness, “The Soulful Child” is a wild ride through time and nature’s rhythms — from the streets of Haight Ashbury at the peak of the ‘60s to the timelessness of mountain ranges...

“The Soulful Child” is a book about a troubled father who has beautiful and wholesome ideals for life. This first-person narrative is told by his eldest daughter, Chloe. In the late 1960s, Chloe’s parents leave San Francisco and successful artistic careers in music and activism to survive off the land. Retreating to a new home with no running water, they live out their dream of farming all their own food and raising their children away from the indoctrination of society... 


Review by: Shareshten Senior - The Shakti Yogi Journal

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