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The Soulful Child Reviews

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Pre-Reader Reviews

I am recommending this book to my readers because it exemplifies resilience in action and how creation and destruction together create progress. 

The Summer of Love was a time of breaking boundaries and creating new ways of living in America.  It produced fantastic music, art and literature. It established activism methods used by participants in  Black Lives Matter and other recent protests.

This past summer was the 50th anniversary of that time, celebrated by KQED San Francisco in interview format.   3 adult survivors discussed  their childhood experience of being raised in an atmosphere producing both independence and harm. Their 3 books were showcased on KQED Summer of Love.

Chloe Rachael Galloway’s story differs from the others mentioned because she and her siblings...Read More

Connie Cox -

What would it be like living off the grid, being so connected to the natural world and simultaneously being disconnected from all the moving tendrils of our sprawling and multi-faceted society? With Chloe Rachel Gallaways memoir, The Soulful Child, we learn that this oft fantasized approach to living does not remove us from the human condition which encapsulates us all.

We travel with Chloe as she wrestles and comes to terms with the disparities that exist in those she loves and looks up to the most, the ones that exist within her, and the ones that define the larger world in which she finds herself.

This is an often times gut-wrenching, but always compelling, story. It is filled with the rawness of an uncommon and rugged life, and we travel with her as she searches for a mechanism to express her perpetually blossoming hope for meaningful connection. This book is a brilliant testament to her remarkable family, and a shining example of how she employs her chosen instrument in touching the lives of the people around her.

- Kevin Scott Day

Chloe Rachel Gallaway wrote A Soulful Child: Twelve Years in the Wilderness from her deep connection to who she is, where she comes from, and whom she lost through her wilderness journey.  I was gently placed on my own wilderness journey as I joined hers.  Moments when I felt connected to God, earth, and sky were awakened as I read the joy in each captivating moment written in her book. My heart ached for my mom while reading words of loss and turbulence. I shouted my disappointment in society when reading words the helplessness a child feels when faced with adult decisions.   Then my hope was restored when I read the words of those who come into our lives and rescue us.  My spirit was lifted at moments captured by words of triumph when connecting to true purpose and the compassion that comes with understanding.  I was ready to read more when stared at the last page of A Soulful Child!   The moment when I met with Chloe Rachel Gallaway for the first time, I felt connected to her and her story.  I am grateful that I am one among your pre-reader tribe.  Sending abundant joy and success to you and your family as you continue on this amazing journey.

- Shawna Renee

I just finished reading The Soulful Child.  This book took my breath away!   Chloe's gift of storytelling is incredible.  I felt overwhelmed at times, as if I was there with her and her family.   I laughed and cried throughout .  Then I remembered that this is a true story and felt the words in my soul.

Chloe's life in the wilderness until she was 12 is unbelievably painful at times and draws you in. The siblings starting over in civilization was described in poignant detail and your heart will ache and then you will applaud.  I'm sure the descriptions of New Mexico will have adventurers planning a trip to see the rugged beauty she describes.   The story  leaves nothing out and fully embraces how spirituality, religion, and even domestic abuse played a part in her family's story. This is a story of courage and family and forgiveness in a way I have never experienced.

Thank you Chloe for the gift of being one of your pre-readers.  Your story will change lives and give hope to women and girls all over the world.  

- Martrice Endres

I have just finished reading The Soulful Child.  It is a fantastic book, leaving me with a permanent love of it and impact on my life.

Your writing is exquisite, most of it poetic prose.  Your story is riveting.  When the reader had to be interrupted there was a strong impatience to get back to it.

The story is the definition of poignancy and with so much sadness.  Yet still more, discovery - the discovery of the reality and power of the spirit in us all.  A story of redemption through compassion, love and forgiveness, the things Jesus taught and modeled for us.

This story also illustrates the divine dictum: 'Train up a child in the way he (she) should go, and when he (she) is old they will not depart from it.'  A part of my own life story of rejection of parental training in adolescence, yet a return to those principles in mature adult life.

Your story has impacted me in sharpening and deepening my concern with and appreciation of the magnificence and power of nature and of God's creation in all its awesome wonder.

The lessons of this book could be a vehicle of healing of our present fractured and godless culture.  For that to happen, the story has to be promulgated and absorbed.

These, Chloe, are my first and immediate responses to the completion of my reading of The Soulful Child, a magnificent book.  Thank you, thank you for the priviledge of being a pre-publishing reader.

Warmest regards and all best wishes,

- Henry Collyer

Chloe Rachel Gallaway's memoir, The Soulful Child: Twelve Years in the Wilderness, touched my soul on many levels. It took me on an emotional journey that made me ache, laugh, and cry with this soulful child as she learned to navigate her road to adulthood and peace through a most extraordinary way of life. On an intellectual level it challenged my tendency to see things as black and white, good and bad. On a spiritual level it gave me a greater understanding about the connection to the outdoors, to nature, and to the Universe as we know it.

 I am honored to have the opportunity to have been selected as a Pre-Reader of the book, having known Chloe only a short time. Through her eyes, the story of her life is one that captivates the reader; teaches life lessons; and provides hope and inspiration for all young women. Thank you Chloe, for your contribution to the world. Sending you and your family light and love for years to come.

- Barbra Portzline, PhD

Organizational Rebel



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  • Jeaninne Grayson on 09/17/2017 16:15:22

    What an amazing book. I could hardly put it down. It is fresh, raw and truly authentic. I got to experience what it would have been like to live off the grid. I always wondered what it would be like and now I'm not so sure I could do it. Thank you Chloe for sharing your story. The impact it had on me was life altering.

    Chloe, I am so grateful that our paths have connected. I am blessed to have been a pre-reader. Thank you for trusting your book to me. It was an amazing opportunity and privilege to have had a glimpse into what has made you you.

    Jeaninne E. Grayson
    Center for Suite-Success:
    Transition with Grace ~n~ Joy

  • Lindsay M Worth on 08/30/2017 11:48:52

    This story is told with such a heart wrenching beauty and with a keen eye to the rawness of an uncommon life. Told with such vivid detail that the reader feels they are standing in the woods watching the story sweep by them.
    I remember when I first began to hear Chloe's story when our paths crossed as we entered the adult world and became fast friends. It is a triumph to see the stories come together in such a succinct and powerful way. Her story gives the reader a sense of inspiration and taps into a truth that we all hold deep within us.
    Love you Chloe!

  • Yvonne on 08/26/2017 14:07:17

    “Chloe words on paper are as powerful as her speaking voice. She is a gifted story teller with the ability to captivate all the senses. Growing up in the wilderness gave her valuable lessons that would help her later in life. She was given the gift of appreciating the cycle of life the way most do not, by experiencing it firsthand. Living in nature gave her a greater understanding of how to deal with change, with the unknown, and with loss. As an adult these lessons guided her through her grief and led her towards forgiveness, acceptance, and healing.
    Nature was her teacher. Connection was her lesson. We become engrossed in Chloe’s story as she tells it with such detail. We feel her connection to the earth, to the animals, and to her family. We join her in wanting to make new connections with others. We experience her struggle through tragedy and the unknown. Then we triumph as she connects with herself. She learns to have compassion for herself and her journey and begins to see her childhood as a gift.
    Chloe’s memoir is a touching, heartwarming, and uplifting story of hardship, tragedy, forgiveness, and connection. I not only watched, but felt this young child blossom into the amazing woman she is now. The title is fitting. Chloe was indeed a soulful child and continues to be a soulful adult.”
    -Yvonne Williams Casaus, Therapist, Speaker, and Best-Selling Author of 'A Drop of Water: A Spiritual Journey'

  • Connie C. Cox on 08/07/2017 22:19:23

    August 7, 2017
    Soulful Child 12 Years in the Wilderness
    Pre – Reader feedback
    Connie C. Cox,

    Dear Penelope and Chloe
    Innocence and compassion profoundly and repeatedly touched me throughout my reading of The Soulful Child 12 Years in the Wilderness. A divine innocence provided shelter for Chloe, allowing her to withstand a chaotic childhood and compassionately retell the story as an adult. Words superficially used to describe what happened to Chloe and her siblings: neglect, abuse, isolation, harassment, inconsistency. Victims and some survivors use these superficial descriptions. Thrivers, on the other hand, see deep and wide. This perspective allows them to transcend events and incorporate the power of the Dragon to heal and create: Chloe is a Thriver and nature provided her with song to become so.
    Any of the following tags would be appropriate for this book: positive foster care experience; childhood trauma, resilience and adaptation; nature as healer; countering the counterculture; community and recovery; unrecognized and treated brain disorders; religious fundamentalism the dangers thereof. Obviously, the tags describe social benefits.
    Santa Fe Museum needs a copy of this book. Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father is already there. Its author is Alysia Abbott, a child of counterculture parents like Chloe. A copy needs sent to KQED in San Francisco. Their podcast came to my inbox and I first learned of counterculture children now adults writing memoirs. Only benefit can come to Chloe by meeting with these individuals and forming community with them.
    Child and family state case workers, foster parent systems, school districts in rural areas, professional helpers in the fields of health and mental health, religious and ecology groups are all places this book would be sought out if introduced to them. In addition, women in domestic violence shelters could very much benefit from this book.

  • Bob Anderson on 08/05/2017 17:47:13

    For me, "The Soulful Child" was one of those books that I could not stop reading! Chloe has an amazing talent for bringing you into her scenes with her. As I read, I was already seeing this story being made into a movie.

    Growing up in the wilderness in isolation from the rest of the world for her first twelve years of life has given Chloe an awesome connection to her soul and her purpose. It has also made her incredibly strong and resilient while preserving the sensitive child inside. What a challenging yet beautiful gift given to Chloe by her parents!

    Because of her past, Chloe has a refreshing perspective on our world. What struck me in the story is the innocence that Chloe has kept with her and the faith she has that there are still good people out there! We live in a world full of distractions and Chloe reminds us to find that peaceful quiet place inside where we can still hear and feel our guidance and remain true to ourselves in the midst of all the distractions.

    Another thing that stood out to me in the story is the forgiveness Chloe has realized and the freedom she has achieved through forgiveness. Forgive is a simple word, but not so easy to do when you are stuck in your beliefs and perspectives. With age, Chloe has gained an adult perspective and can see more clearly where people are in their lives and has great compassion for others knowing that we have all faced hardships and we do not know what others have been through or are going through.

    This book is for you if you are...
    - Ready to challenge the status quo
    - Interested in the counter culture movement that began in the 60's
    - Ready for personal growth
    - Connected to nature
    - Dealing with loss or grief
    - Struggling to fit in
    - Ready for forgiveness
    - In need of inspiration for your writing

    It has been an honor to be among Chloe's pre-readers for "The Soulful Child". My hope is that this book will reach the masses and touch them like it has touched me!

    Bob Anderson
    Albuquerque, New Mexico