5 Day/5 Night Writers Retreat
Held in the Majestic Mountains of Truchas, New Mexico


Offered by Author, Chloe Rachel Gallaway-
The Winged River Writer and Team of Skilled Facilitators.
August 22-27, 2022

This Retreat is for you if:

You are struggling to connect to your writers voice and begin your book.

You are already working on your book, but are feeling distraction, avoidance, and disruptions, you are not able to create sacred space and write.

You are experiencing pain and grief, both inwardly and outwardly, and you are unsure how to process these emotions and integrate them into authentic power for storytelling.

You are looking for sacred land, sacred community, and a safe place to crack open the next level of self-expression and experience the writing of your story.

You need to break away from the chaos of all the moving pieces of life.

Your busy schedule is keeping you from your CREATIVE DREAMS.

During my 9 years as a writer and story medicine coach, I see and feel that we all need support, nourishment, and connection to self to release our stories. Yet, we feel doubt, fear, and overwhelmed when leaping into the process of writing a book.

But there is a way through this, there is a deeper soul knowing that can change the whole book writing experience.

We must find our way back to the SOUL and access our true VOICE.

I took this journey when I wrote my Memoir, The Soulful Child: Twelve Years in the Wilderness. This little girl became the foundation for my writer’s voice and continues to impact many through her soul connection.

                Embrace The Wildness of Your Own Story & Be Guided Through a Sacred Process to Write Your Book

                Returning to the roots of your authentic self creates a pathway for the writer within you to come to life. This retreat we will focus on discovering your wild edges of creative expression, by releasing the wounded child and connecting back to your soul knowing. You will experience the magical child of the heart who holds the full potential for your author within to embrace and write your story. 

                Experience the wonder of this magical location. Sit in this library soaking up the pages of good literacy, while opening your HEART to the boundless adventure of storytelling.

                The Power in Understanding & Healing the Wounded Child Will Be Both Priceless for Writing and Life

                Understanding the wounded child archetypes will change your whole creative process and bring your magical child back in your writing, giving way to the adult voice in a whole new way.
                Discover any unattended wounds through sacred RITUAL  and WRITING.
                Discover the LIGHT in your story and the LIFELINES that show your transcendence. 
                Discover DANCE and MOVEMENT as healing of the body and soul. 
                Discover  FOOD as MEDICINE for complete nourishment, awareness, and community gathering. 
                Discover your Tribe, from our incredible facilitators to our community of writers. 

                Be nourished with food that invites all your senses and healing awareness to the mind and body. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, provided by chef & spiritual guide, Steve Thurson.  See full bio and info here.


                MORNING SESSION:  
                    • Movement and dance as healing and empowerment, provided by Sarah Bound Grosse.
                    • Morning group work-writing, processing of wounded child archetypes, Breakthrough Coaching with Chloe Rachel Gallaway. Learn how to weave words, articulate your true self, get connected to the deeper roots of your story, and integrate CRAFT elements of storytelling. Be seen. Be heard. Experience the writer within.
                    • Retreat Flow and Rhythm Consultant- Receive invaluable notes and feedback on personal breakthroughs and direction of story. Provided by WRW Consultant Shawna Renee.

                AFTERNOON SESSION:
                    • Ritual Exercises for Writers to deeply connect at a SOUL level to Self, Nature, and Writing.
                    • Solo time for self-expression exploration, writing, releasing, and resting into the arms of story.
                    • Closing Circles to bring your day together and provide space for AHA's and BREAKTHROUGHS
                    • Sound Bath Healing Ceremonies, provided to integrate healing and releasing of inner child wounds, while bringing you into your adult view through the HEART and your VOICE.

                EVENING SESSION:
                    • Early Evening-Craniosacral Healing sessions with Sarah B. Grosse to restore whole body, mind, spirit balance.
                    • End Your Night- Deeply nourished & ready for a good night’ rest in one of our sacred rooms. 

                When have you given time for your voice to be heard?

                How much of your life is about the day-to-day, instead of spending time connecting to your creative spirit?

                How long have you dreamed of telling your story?

                Are you the kind of person who seeks transformation for yourself and others?

                Someday your story will be the message that changes someone else’s life.

                Break away and invest in yourself, invest in your personal growth and your future as an inspired storyteller, with Chloe and her amazing team who will support your transformation at a SOUL level.


                All-Inclusive Retreat valued at 9K. 

                LIMITED SPACE

                ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT!

                5 Private Rooms Available

                5 Semi-Private Rooms with Shared Bathrooms Available

                5,500K plus taxes and fees for Private Room

                5,000K plus taxes and fees for Semi-Private Room with Shared Bathroom

                BOOK A PRIVATE OR SHARED ROOM AT  9,000

                EARLY BIRD PRICING

                Private Room: $5,500

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                Semi-Private Room, Shared Bathroom: $5,000

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                 Monthly payment plans available for those who need a lower monthly payment. 

                $500 deposit holds your spot

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                Connect and Be Empowered

                Meet your hosts...

                Chloe Rachel Gallaway

                Best-selling author of The Soulful Child - Twelve Years in the Wilderness. Chloe has been leading transformational book writing retreats for more than six years. Her unique approach to storytelling and writing is an invitation into a sacred journey; one that will nourish your mind, body and spirit while you connect and write your story.

                Chloe's unique genius in the world of writing lies in her ability to bring intimate lessons and experiences over and over to her writers. Leading by example on how to write an emotionally compelling book. She disrupts the inner critic and leads her aspiring writers to true power though authentic VOICE. Be prepared for a unparalleled experience with writing and healing your narrative.

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                Steve Thurson

                As divinely created people our consciousness is always leading us to find the greatest Joy, Peace, Love and Existence. This is how we should approach our eating and the insight I listen for, while creating every delightful, nutritious, delicious dish of food. I have the great pleasure of sharing with VIP client’s, using organic and beyond vegetables, fruits, herbs and proteins. This food will help to bring healing, peace, joy, love and nourishment to your being.

                Stephen Thurson. Certified Health Coach. Chef.
                Spiritually Connected Lover of Life.

                Chloe and Steve are Soulmates in both life and business with a vision for bringing healing to the planet one awakened voice at a time.

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                Sarah Grosse
                BA, BCTMB, LMT, CST, SER

                Nationally Board Certified & Licensed Massage Therapist, Craniosacral & Somatic Emotional Release Trauma Coach; Author of The Altered Body: From Pain to Power. Sarah has been a leader in her field for thirteen years helping those who suffer into and through the therapeutic and sacred healing experience to help bring rooted tales in the body to light, transform stored chronic pain, movement issues, and trauma, into purpose and freedom.

                This therapeutic experience can help with:

                • Healing Post-Traumatic Stresses

                • Lightening Depression and Anxiety

                • Transforming Mobility Issues and Chronic Pain into Purpose

                • Freeing Your Voice and Empowering your Creativity

                • Ending the Search Back to the Sacred Self

                • Turning your Pain into your Power

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                Shawna Renee
                Speaker, Facilitator, Author of Hummingbird Warrior

                Shawna Renee’s passion is helping people find the harmony in change, while being a catalyst for their transformation, moving them through change, using a step-by-step process.  She combines her 30 plus year experience as a certified professional facilitator working both in the government and private sector along with her passion.  She offers a keen ability to discern storytelling elements, from the overarching structure of plot to the deep intimate connection woven within the thread of narrative.  Her insight for aspiring authors is invaluable.   Her gift lies in her ability to weave between left-brain and right-brain creative process. A combination that assists writers to fully step into their vision of becoming authors.

                She is a good listener, a skilled facilitator, and will deliver insightful perspective and examples of great storytelling at the writer’s edge of freedom retreat.

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