9-Month Birth Your Story Program

As we embark on a transcendent journey through the writing of your story, we begin by outlining the path into 3 parts


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  • Introduction/Overview

  • Intro of 9 CRAFT Elements—Learning to write narrative with a basic understanding of the craft elements, practice and action

  • Inner Author Warm Up (IAW)

  • Writing Rituals for Creating Healthy Patterns and Process — Learning to open Mindset/Emotions and remove Block before writing information

  • Releasing/Accepting/Discovering

  • Decreasing Doubts/Increasing Confidence

  • Combination of Coaching and Writing Process


  • Integrated lessons on CRAFT
  • Continued practice of scene/exposition/voice/theme/point of View (POV)
  • Combining focused elements of craft higher awareness of blocks, barriers, fears, integrating relationship with self as Writer/storyteller.
  • Writing Rituals established, practiced, and increased writing ability, learning to SURRENDER
  • Combination of Coaching and Writing Process
  • Continued IAW practice
  • Structure and Whole Picture Clarity — Wide shot and intimate shot of story
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  • Increased level of self - awareness
  • Integration of emotions and mindset
  • Writing Brilliant Narrative
  • Integration of 9 CRAFT elements
  • Clarity and Pathway for the River of Story
  • Ability to identify patterns and easily use Writing Rituals
  • Connect to voice and write longer narrative using full capacity of voice
  • Understanding both wide shot and tight/intimate shot of story
  • Embodying POWER and relationship with self as a writer — Combining Key elements, perspective, insight, observation, skills, ability to release and shift energy, awareness of selfand others, seeing the story through the character’s lens 

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