Writing a book was a dream of mine and I am so glad that I started working with Chloe to accomplish this goal.  I appreciated that Chloe's approach and process is an intuitive one. It was important to me that the writing of this book come from my heart, and Chloe has a natural knack for facilitating that. It was powerful to see a book coming together and I also learned a lot about the craft of writing. My natural approach would have been to be very structured:  write an outline, flesh out the different parts of the outline, etc.
However, Chloe was able to bring out the creative writer in me, rather than the list maker, through her intuitive process. And not only do I have a rough book manuscript that I will publish by the end of 2018, an added value is the increase in creativity in other areas of my life.

Ildiko Oravecz, Writer, Coach, Consultant - www.highperformanceconsulting.com

"Chloe came into my life at the perfect time.  Through her unique and inspiring approach, I have learned how to cultivate the creative voice within me that always was, but since childhood I hadn't given myself permission to explore.  All the negative and limiting missives that held me back are diminished in the face of Chloe's acumen."

"I am writing now, and with Chloe's insightful and soul-rich wisdom, the anxiety, angst, and doubt around the process has receded.  This creative journey with Chloe, coupled with her sound knowledge of writing mechanics, has been extraordinarily transformational.  Her uplifting and deeply personal approach to coaching has brightened and enlivened my whole creative being."

Kevin Scott Day

"This book is dedicated to Chloe Rachel Gallaway who loaned me her courage to hold as mine, and made room for me in absolute faith that in the telling of my story, I would find my own courage and all the pieces of my heart.  She was a witness in every sense of the word to my testimony and the bringing forth of the truth that lived in my tissue and my DNA."

Bonnie Bassan -- Author of the Archeology of Love: Excavating Joy