This 9-Month All-Inclusive Package Includes...

2 Coaching Calls & 2 Editing Sessions per month

This program gives you the most private time with Chloe Rachel Gallaway.

This package is for you if you are looking for a hand held experience of writing your book from beginning to end.

You will get coaching on Craft Elements:

  • (POV) point of view

  •  Theme

  •  Message

  •  Exposition

  •  Scene

  •  Character/Characters development

  •  Dialogue/inner & outer

  •  Plot

  •  Structure of story

  •  Rote Memory

  •  Tense/ past or present    

As well as Intuitive Elements:

  •  Connection

  •  Feeling 

  •  Emotion

  •  Self-expression

  •  Creative flow

  •  Rhythm

  •  Blind spot

  •  Structure of story

  •  Message/Soul Listening

  •  Emotional Memory

  •  Life lines

One to One Bonus: Choose from 2 retreat options!

Option 1: One on One day retreat designed just for you!

*includes Chloe, her Chef and Yoga instructor

Option 2: $1,000 off registration for the Spring or Fall Writer's Retreat



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